Graphics & Logos!GRAPHICS & LOGOS 

Every year, Brent is commissioned for a few  Mardi Gras posters. Here are some for "Neptune's Daughters" , the "MOBILE MYSTICS", & the "Order of LaShe's":

2009 Neptune's Daughters Poster by Brent Amacker

For the above image, he rendered representations of every individual float, then combined them for the poster composition. He drew all of the images by hand, they were then scanned, colored, lettered and manipulated in Photoshop. The mermaid is a 'Brent version' of the image and pose used on the "Neptune's Daughters" cloissoinne and utilized the existing color scheme for uniformity's sake.

2009 Mobile Mystics Invitation/Poster by Brent Amacker

 Above, the "Mobile Mystics" theme utilized a sign from their official 'party room' as a background element, and used their logo on both the dubloons and crumpled 'bar napkin'. 

Order of LaShe's poster by Brent Amacker, 2009

This image was used by The March of Dimes 'Blue Jeans for Babies' campaign

for the State of Texas. Commissioned by TUBBY'S TEES in FAIRHOPE, AL.

Mobile Mystics Charity "Poker Run" T-Shirt Design

Mobile Mystics 2008 Poker Run Poster/T-Shirt

GREG ELLIS: Auto Accents Design Rough GRANNY for GREG ELLIS:

HERE are the 'Roughs' and the Finished Design for Graphics for a Mobility Company corporate vehicle rendered for Greg Ellis and AUTO ACCENTS.

Here is an image for Tubby's Tees that was used in conjunction with a restaurant 'Bobble-Head' toy giveaway a few years back:

Colonel Sanders Bobblehead

Can you guess the company...?

Tubby's Tees also printed some shirts for the Fairhope Pirates Soccer team, Brent rendered the mascot, as well as opponents:

Soccer Panther by Brent Amacker       

The opponents: Murphy Panthers, Baker Hornets, Baldwin County Tigers, McGill-Toolen Yellowjackets, Montgomery Vikings, Robertsdale Bears, and I think Bayside Admirals...?

HERE is the 'rough' and the finished product for an employment agency postcard mailer.

Construction Contracting Company Graphics

Brent's Hank Williams Songfest Poster Art

Poster Art for 2006 Hank Williams Songwriters' Competition

Alabama Pecan Festival

T-Shirt Design for Iowa Bridgefest a few years ago for Tubby's Tees

Bridgefest Duckrace shirt

Here are various Fishing Tournament Shirt Drawings: 


Stripers 2009 Fishing Tourney Shirt by Brent Amacker


Front Pocket:

Stripers Pocket

Back of Shirt:

Stripers Tourney Back

Kid's Tourney Shirt Image for SanRoc Cay

SanRoc Cay Youth Angler Tournament

Mobile Bay GameFishing Club Shirt (Guy Harvey-ish)

Sisomso: Reverse Osmosis!  Get it...?

Rejected Logo for Herd Records

Unused Recording Company Logo