Images of BRENT with Celebrities!PHOTO GALLERY

Here are various pics of the Artist with celebrities & friends...

Former ALABAMA Coach GENE STALLINGS, Alice, and Brent Amacker at an earlier Camp Rap-a-Hope fundraiser.

Brent and Alice and the legendary Joe Namath at another Fundraiser for Camp Rap-A-Hope

Jeremiah Castille and Brent at the L'Arche Benefit

ALABAMA Legend JEREMIAH CASTILLE and BRENT at the L'Arche Kickoff Benefit 

Michelle and Denny Chimes

My stepdaughter Michelle & Me at DENNY CHIMES, University of Alabama.  Out on "The Quad", Freshman Orientation, 2002.

Brent Amacker & Danny Sheridan @ Lions Club Function

The Artist with Mobile native, BAMA Alumnus and nationally-renowned Las Vegas Oddsmaker Danny Sheridan (USAToday's Resident Betting-Line Authority) at a fundraising dinner and 'Celebrity Roast of Paul Finebaum' to benefit the Mobile Lions Club   (Takes a bit of adjustment seeing him without the trademark mustache...!)

Paul Finebaum & Brent Amacker

An obviously thrilled radio talk show host Paul Finebaum with The Artist and a caricature rendered as a token of appreciation for his enthusiastic appearance for a worthy cause, the Mobile Lions Club

Brent Amacker and Governor Bob Riley

It's The Governor of Alabama and The Artist!

So Nifty I had to post it TWICE!

It's a Stand-up!

It's a cardboard standup of former coach Mike Shula!



Roll Tide!