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Here's a rare TV commercial from the 60's featuring The Flintstones! Enjoy!
...and HERE's a cool Saturday morning CBS Promo from 1967:
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Many people question the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq. They say that we are the aggressors and that Islam is a peaceful religion. These people need to do a little research. History shows centuries of barbarism and aggression by other people than just the White, Anglo-Saxon Christians. The left-wing liberal media want you to believe that America is the cause of all the world's troubles. I steadfastly disagree. I may not agree with everything this country's so-called 'moral majority' represent, but you don't see very many Pentecostals or Southern Baptists flying jets into skyscrapers or beheading people.

If you want to live in a cave or shack and throw rocks at everyone else, fine. If you want to burn or behead anyone who disagrees with you, dandy. Just go somewhere else and do it. And you knee-jerk peaceniks better hope we win OVER THERE, or we will be fighting the Islamo-Fascist fanatics HERE. Below, I have posted images of 'peaceful religion' demonstrators who marched and rioted in London, England. Do you see this on CNN? CBS? ABC? What can these 'pacifists' be trying to tell us? The Democrats and liberal media want you to be pre-occuppied with Anna Nicole's funeral and Donald Trump's hair and the Oscars (don't get me started on THAT self-indulgent and narcissistic load of crap!) so that you won't know what is really happening.

Here, for your enjoyment, is a taste of what these Muslims are REALLY all about:

My Take on

Let's just 'reason' with them!


  • Steve Sullivan Steve Sullivan: Student of the Year has received his MASTER'S DEGREE!!
  • 2007 was designated as "The Year of Alabama Arts", and BRENT is listed! Go to and click on the link. You'll see his name and samples along with other artists and musicians from Alabama.
  • BRENT again donated artwork for the Camp Rap-A-Hope Auction and Dinner, where SEC- and NFL- great ARCHIE MANNING was the keynote speaker! A Caricature of Archie was also rendered and presented to Mr. Manning as a token of appreciation. (Please see below for Camp Rap-a-Hope Contact Info and details abut the organization!)
  • BRENT also participated in the PAINT-OFF at the "HOG WILD BAR-B-Q Cookoff" at the Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds last March  to raise funds for The Cerebral Palsy Foundation.  
      Brent with Saturday's finished auction pieceScarlet Macaw by Brent Amacker
                            He also  appeared at a Live-Auction "PAINT-OFF" at the organization reception dinner held Thursday night, March 8 to render a painting for Auction!                      
    Brent Amacker painting Thursday's auction piece
  • Here is a link to the Official "Family Guy" Blog, featuring an entry by Dan Povenmire concerning his new "Phineas & Ferb", a show which premiered on the Disney Channel in January 2008:

    Go to the entry titled "Emerging From Development Hell".  It is a fascinating read regarding the evolution and process of pitching an animated series. Enjoy!

    Also, here are some images of 'Phineas & Ferb' which appeared in USAToday, as well as the Official Ad Card Screenshot! Way to go, Dan!

    Phineas & Ferb in USATodayPhineas & Ferb in USAToday   Dan Povenmire's Phineas & Ferb on The Disney Channel 

  • The show premiered August 17 following High School Musical 2  as the 2nd-Highest-Rated Cable TV Debut EVER (right behind HSM2) and debuted in January...! CONGRATULATIONS, DAN POVENMIRE! (AND Jeff Swampy Marsh, and everyone else involved who contributed to make the debut a success....!)    Here are some pics of the Premier Screening: Dan Povenmire and Jeff 'Swampy' Marsh at Premiere of Phineas & FerbDan (2nd from left) and cast at Premiere of Phineas and Feb


  • BRENT participated in The Mobile Arts Council's "Art For Heart" Guerilla Paint-off to help raise money for various arts educational programs in the Mobile, Alabama area. Beautiful day, great turnout. While many of the other participants 'pre-painted' or displayed 'already completed' works, BRENT rendered two paintings for the auction in the time-frame allotted. Free publicity to help a worthy cause......
    Art for Heart Guerilla Paint-Off
  • Drop by Joe Bullard Cadillac and LAND-ROVER of MOBILE to see the MURALS painted by BRENT.
  • Bobby Ellis
  • BOBBY ELLIS recently retired from the U.S. Post Office !! No breakdowns, no rampages, no shootings....
  • CONGRATULATIONS to DAN POVENMIRE for having a show picked up by DISNEY! Look for "PHINEAS & FERB" on The Disney Channel in the Fall of 2007!
  • BRENT again contributed artwork for last year's CAMP RAP-A-HOPE fundraiser. This year, he has donated the ORIGINAL painting of Coach Paul Bear Bryant for auction. The painting can be seen on the 'Sport Art' page elsewhere on this site. Prints are available for sale. CAMP RAP-A-HOPE is a summer camp for children who are cancer patients that would not otherwise have an opportunity for these activities. This year, the keynote speaker was none other than the legendary JOE NAMATH! (I GUARANTEE IT!)
  • Here is a photo of The Artist with BRENT'S beautiful wife, Alice and the afore-mentioned JOE WILLIE NAMATH.
  • This Caricature was presented to Mr. Namath as a token of gratitude for his participation. Broadway Joe told me "A lot of people have drawn me, but I think YOUR picture really LOOKS like me!" (You can see a larger version on the 'Caricatures' page by following the link to the left!)
  • The afore-mentioned painting of COACH BRYANT brought in $3500 for CAMP RAP-A-HOPE. For information about CAMP RAP-A-HOPE or to make a donation or request, please write:
  • CAMP RAP-A-HOPE Children's Oncology Summer Camp 2701 Airport Blvd. Mobile, AL 36606
  • BRENT's lovely stepdaughter MICHELLE FRAZIER appeared in a 'Krystal' commercial which aired on TurnerSouth and Fox SportsSouth during the night Braves games! You can see it by going to and clicking on 'Lounge'. In the drop-down menu, then click 'Hit and Run'.

  • She has since graduated from the UNIVERSITY of ALABAMA with a degree in Interior Design.

  • Look out, world. Here she is below with her proud Mother

  • Lovely Proud Mom & Beautiful Graduate

  • BRENT also donated another original COACH PAUL BEAR BRYANT painting for auction to benefit The Leukemia Society. The speaker at this benefit was scheduled to be Mr. BOB BAUMHOWER, former University of Alabama and Miami Dolphins great and owner of 'Baumhower's WINGS Sports Grille'. Mr. Baumhower unfortunately had a death in the family, but was represented at the fundraiser by his partner at WINGS, Mr. GENE BISHOP, and former NFL players TOM BANKS (Auburn) and Mr. ROBERT BRAZILE.
  • This is the painting that is now featured over the bar at the Mobile location of WINGS on Airport Boulevard.
  • Bear Bryant by Brent Amacker

  • Thing 1Wendell as Thing 2
    Tina, Wade and Cole Ellis
  • IT'S TWINS! TINA & WENDELL ELLIS WELCOMED COLE & WADE MARCH 28, 2008!Twins Cole and Wade Ellis
  • Here's the Whole Clan:
  • The EllisThe Ellis Family:Jared, Daddy Wendell holding Wade & Cole, Mommy Tina Family

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